Dennis Benson, Gaming: the Fine Art of Creating Simulation/Learning Games for Religious Education, Parthenon Press, 1971


We made six or eight circles or "security islands" on the floor of a large basement room with the masking tape. We labeled each "island" with one of the things people use as "security blankets" (i.e. drugs, alcohol, money, family, work, sex, etc.). The enabling team them made complicated routes or traffic patterns from "island" to "island" with ordinary tape. We build in certain "dangerous areas" by using the tape with the double-coated sides. The whole group surveyed the area without blindfolds. Then each person was blindfolded and turned around several times. We started each player at a different point in the course. The players have to use touch while they crawled along routes from "island" to "island." They had to deal with the "danger areas" (sticky tape) and also other players as they encountered them. When the player reached a "security island," he had to choose whether to stay and defend it and possibly share it, or to seek another.