Elizabeth O'Brien

                   We arrange our sestinas
on music stand crooks
of the cherry blossom tree
and we drizzle them sestinas
from our drenched mouths like
moonbeam honey and the bees
wobble on air and dazzle open
downy buds they shimmy
on pollen dipped knees
and we cup our hands
down in the clear water

Of the glassy deep pond
you call me narcissus and
look at me look words swim
in my eyes and my bones I am
water within water and you are
a writhing hive your legs
your wrists asizzle it's on us
we roll our white flower
bodies being fire and water
lick salt from the rims but
the bees oh heavens love em—


They holler in buzzy tones                    
for more limes more limes
they say poems sing poems
scatter them all scatter
you scatter us into such
humming words our lungs
fizzle full of honey sweet air
because blooming is so easy
it's so so ripe easy
your words blow on wind and
you run sweet at the edges.

I might blur into the bloody blue
sky I might suddenly bloom
afire with paintweed sprout
lambs and tomatoes from
my ears and my hair
might ignite so easy
so easy I chase after you
aswirl with beelegs I dazzle
for you both slavering we
quaver none too soon
like promises not promised yet.





If you want someone else to walk you through the marsh, [she] will show you around.