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[Tony Mancus on Cynthia Arrieu-King] [P. R. Griffis on Aisha Sabatini Sloan] [on Susan Steinberg] [Adam Kullberg on Steve Tomasula]

[Diagrammatic Representation of an Electrode Assembly Implanted within the Brain and Anchored to the Skull] [Fig. 20-19 and Fig 20-20] [Fig. 257. —Detachment of the Retina, Showing a Large Tear. Fig. 258. —The Same Fundus as Shown in Fig. 257, after Electrocoagulation Operation.] [A Fracture at the Ankle Had Failed to Heal.] [More Ways of Filling a Hole Partially (a, b) or Completely (c, d).] [The Raw Materials of Collective Survival] [Schematic Representation of a Thick Accretion Disc around a Giant Black Hole with the Formation of Jets] [The Space-Time Continuum of Special Relativity]