W. Scott Howard

a pattern of what else / the poem



of a curve in this house
is a line / of the heart / neither dust


nor ribbon / two lives
someday together / emerging
from what is woven / happening



through glass or the years
on the sand / in the valley / we wear


the tangent mind / aflame



becoming is the subtle best seat
through knots / interwoven and tangles / within       


our tangible forms / finely seen
or through questions / unanswerable
rush after horses / always theirs already    



along the world tugs apart instead
the stone / my feet may measure / and the future


that of the bell may grow / will sway








"The Tangent Mind" appears in an unpublished collection, Transfigurations, where the poem introduces a sequence of conceptual works. The poem was found aflame, unanswerable