FICTION: Woody Brown, Craig Foltz, Innovative Fiction Contest winner Aram Kim, Catherine Lacey, K L, Éireann Lorsung, Maya Sonenberg, and Hillary Stevens.

REVIEWS: on Jonathan Franzen and Ben Marcus, on Julian Hibbard, Derek Sillerud on Peter Markus, Nate Brown on Vinnie Wilhelm, and Ruth Williams on Kate Zambreno.

SCHEMATICS: Cubist Vegetable Patch, Enlargements of Cross-Modulation Prints, The Entire Domain after Creation of its Mesh, Expanded Arts Diagram, Improvement of Man-machine Interface, A Perspective View of the Electrostatic Field forming the Wave-front when it has reached the Free End of the Aerial, Schematic Diagram of the Calorimetry Apparatus Used to Simultaneously Record Temperatures, Heat Losses and Heat Production of the Rabbit, and The Three Modes of Loading.

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