TEXT & IMAGE BY: [E. C. Belli] [David Blair] [Jack Boettcher] [Ryan Collins] [Claudia Cortese] [Lightsey Darst] [Oliver de la Paz] [Tim Earley] [Jennifer H. Fortin] [Christine Gosnay] [Dan Gutstein] [Rose Hunter] [Drew Krewer] [Eric Linsker] [Matt McBride] [Gary L. McDowell] [William Minor] [James Pabarue] [Elena Passarello] [Hilary Plum] [Sean Rys] [Max Sheridan] [Terese Svoboda] [Dennis James Sweeney] [Regina Valluzzi] [Nico Vassilakis] [Elizabeth Clark Wessel]

REVIEWAGE: [Timothy David Orme on Amaranth Borsuk and Brad Bouse] [Jonathon Walter on Joseph McElroy] [Christopher Mohar on Zach Savich] [on Morgan Lucas Schuldt] [John Pursley III on G. C. Waldrep and John Gallaher's Your Father on the Train of Ghosts]

SCHEMATIC: [Analysis of Communication in Material Culture Terms, Using Saussure's System] [Curtilage] [The Electron Bridge] [An Example of an Occasion when the Multi-Microphone Technique Proved Unsatisfactory] [Forearm] [Graph Showing Average Galvanometer Deflections for Garrett vs. Non-Garrett Entities] [The Passage of Space Waves over Good Conducting but Broken Country] [Schematic Diagram of the Calorimetry Apparatus Used to Simultaneously Record Temperatures, Heat Losses and Heat Production of the Rabbit]