Krystal Languell

We move to Hattiesburg I go to beauty school we get rural I get licensed. My back hurts from bending over to wax women and departmental drama implodes as soon as he signs a contract our apartment has radical Southern bugs the unknowable you can be scared or you can be ready a false dilemma: beauty school or nothing he wants someone to take his name but doesn't want to get married. I know a list of contradictions doesn't add up to a poem of any substance but my temptation is great.

Burgeoning academic he throws in the term new historicism while we argue and snickers at himself abortion is new historicism. He'll believe in anything his least reliable mentor tells him, obviously didn't date me for the partner benefits. I choose getting neighborhoody while he gets all interstate highway I choose hair dye and lipstick but he'd rather sweat on someone new.






Ha ha, if I tell you this is about a break-up, will you be surprised? I didn't think so. Doesn't new historicism just seem like common sense? If you're behind on your schools of literary criticism, view this informative video on post-structuralism: [here] "Post-structuralism is like, you ARE the father of that baby." (NSFW).