Laura Eve Engel and Adam Peterson

Those two dogs are going to kill each other and no one is going to see it. It's why there's a carnival in the center of the city. No one likes animal violence and everyone likes cotton candy. There's a Tilt-A-Whirl and a Gravitron. We're all holding hands and winning big stuffed pandas for each other. Who wants to microwave a corn dog and eat it in front of a dog fight? Here is where it's bright and from the Ferris wheel we can see our whole city. There are our houses, we say as we rest our sticky fingers in each others' belt loops and shiver a little in a way that's pleasant, and there, look, Mr. Edison's doing some digging in the garden. Who gardens at night? Where do shivers come from? But we aren't cold because it's a carnival, it's just that the air up here is so unlike the air down on the ground where the dogs are. It's just that all the sounds are whoops and gasps and quick kisses like water hitting our metal seats as it starts to drizzle. The rain's just for us because we're so high up our city council members and sports referees should make all official rulings from where we are. But they're not here, they're in their houses and we're watching as they one by one turn off their lights, so we pass legislation and call holding on each other until we're tired and then we say I love you because there isn't a thing we can think of that we're missing.






This piece is part of a collaboratively written chapbook, forthcoming from The Collagist/Dzanc Books. Laura Eve came up with the idea for this one. Adam still thinks it's an actual [SPOILER ALERT] to the movie Bingo.