Gabe Durham

Boys used to draw horses even after cars happened. Tom Mix wanted a lot of action with a plot that did not require the audience to expend. Hence, he gave big parts to you, Tony the Wonder Horse. You saved Mix from outlaws, Indians, fire, quicksand, the schoolmarm—even from being dragged to death by a runaway horse. You fought a bull. You won the big race and saved the ranch. You had love affairs. Like any star, you had your detractors. Stunt doubles were used in dangerous scenes. Mix had a stable of eight Tonies born to function as you. You hated the doubles and attacked them. In "Six Shootin Sheriff," the original you was not used at all though you still got billing. You received fan mail. You visited every state. You even called upon President and Mrs. Warren G. Harding in the White House. A vet chloroformed you in order that you could die.






The facts here were taken from a big picture book about movie star horses. Tony the Wonder Horse was one of the horses in the book, though our Tony here is an amalgam of the horses' best traits. Westerns made horses cool. I think they're still waiting for their next big publicity bump.