Rebecca Mertz

This land [1] is your land. [2] This land [3] is my land. [4]





[1] The top, most visible layer of an ecosystem; a generic term to describe an unspecified geographical area.

[2] The stuff that goes on either side of a border, over which wars may be waged over generations.

[3] As distinguished from water, the point at which the Earth’s surface is undeniably firm, solid.

[4] Ground. The dirt or soil beneath feet; as distinguished from air.









We can forge a new [5] privacy [6] that distinguishes [7] skin [8] from pixels.





[5] The state of having only recently come into existence, or of having been re-made; unfettered by previous limitations.

[6] As distinguished from publicity; the content of which is unsuitable for the public space; the accepted euphemism for shameful or inarticulable phenomenon; the content of which humans are instinctively driven to control; that for which there should never be asked any explanation.

[7] From distinguish: To demonstrate the separation point of two elements or objects the meeting point of distinct bodies, which highlights their difference.

[8] The outer, protective layer of flesh; often the most resilient and physically expansive organ, it can be made tougher and thicker through exposure to sun.








The imminent [9] threat of nuclear [10] destruction creates a space
[11] where immediacy is valued over legacy. [12]





[9] The sky is falling; the sky is falling.

[10] A power constituted by and emerging from the nucleus, the center; the fundamentalist.

[11] Neither created, nor destroyed; neither material, nor merely existing in potential; as opposed to Earth, the seeming endlessness of sky.

[12] Derived from internet or archive, there is no longer a specific criteria for publication or "making public". Stimulating phenomena is no longer a prisoner of capitol; anyone can see anything they want.








We have archived [13] even the residue of the deteriorated archives.
To achieve [14] now is simply to persist in existence. [15]





[16] Documented; locked into place.

[17] To enter the archive.

[18] The complete archive; the history of the evolution of the contents of the archive.








They [16] removed the tiles [17] of flesh [18] so slowly the village [19] did not   
notice until their [20] bare [21] vessels [22]





[16] Wearing nondescript clothing, pink lips dictating philosophy, policy, economic systems overtaking even the dreams and nightmares of the people, inflating the value of only the most controlled goods.

[17] Geometrically dogmatic samples, precisely extracted. From tile, which commonly refers to materials used in floor and roof design.

[18] What is underneath; providing padding and protection of bones.

[19] Conglomeration of individuals geographically organized to produce mutually beneficial goods and services.

[20] As distinguished from us; an undefined collection of persons; a faceless mass; the surplus.

[21] Without cover; naked.

[22] Areas inside of which travel is possible, either between two points or back and forth amidst a variety of departure points and destinations.




"I started to think about where would I most want to go. Maybe I should take all of you with me to the other side of the world... We're going to Australia! We are going to Australia! You and you and you and you are going to Australia!" —Oprah Winfrey