Paul Cunningham

I am contentless
as I carry mathematician blade

I have skinned the petals hard
from a dimensionless bud of dark crayon fuchsia

I have forced my young blinking eyes
to measure love

in organs and in fingers

this blind yet






This ghost-weapon, "Mathematician Blade," was inspired by Cy Twombly's "Pan II" (1980). The creation of the mathematician blade was my attempt to put emphasis on a particularly haunting method—how both the constant surveillance and subtraction of numbers has a powerfully negative effect on human actions. The word entropy denotes the secular capitalist system we live in today while the presence of the skinned flower bud is intended to evoke phrases like, "he/she loves me...he/she loves me not." From a very early age, numerical analyses dominate our thinking, thus we subconsciously carry our own mathematician blades into adulthood.