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* Here's our feeling on the bios. We prefer them to be entertaining, but above all they should be useful. Hence we include email addresses and website where you can find the writers, if the writers agree to this. We don't like to list awards or graduate degrees unless they are useful for readers. (We suspect these are not useful for readers.) However, we are happy to list other places you might find these writers' work, and where they teach or work, if you want to find them and send them cash or love or creepy photos.

Nayelly SJ Barrios lives and teaches in Texas. This is her first publication. Her only other writing credit, thus far, is a fellowship to the 2008 Bucknell Seminar for Younger Poets.

Bridget Bell is an Ohio-born poet living in Chapel Hill, NC. She is associate editor at Four Way Books in New York City and her work has been published or is forthcoming in The New Ohio Review, Gargoyle, Pedestal Magazine, and Zone 3 among other literary journals. If you want to talk to her, she can be reached at [email].

Jody Brooks lives in Atlanta, GA. Her work has appeared in Monkeybicycle, Hot Metal Bridge, Mud Luscious, and Sub-Lit. She ended her brief architecture career after designing a walk-in closet for a five-year-old. She now teaches at Georgia State University. [email]

Christopher Bundy's stories and essays have appeared in a variety of journals and magazines, from Glimmer Train to Atlanta Magazine to Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. He is a founding editor of the journal New South and teaches English and creative writing at the Savannah College of Art & Design-Atlanta. [email]

MRB Chelko is Editorial Assistant of the unbound poetry journal Tuesday; An Art Project. Her poems can be read online in recent issues of AGNI Online, Contrary, Clementine, DMQ Review, anderbo, and Verse Daily. Her chapbook is What to Tell the Sleeping Babies (sunnyoutside, 2010). She lives in Central Harlem with her husband and dog, Chuck. [email]

Paul Cunningham resides in Western Pennsylvania. He is the author of an ebook of poems, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (Pangur Ban Party, 2010) and the founding editor of online journal Radioactive Moat. His writing has been published in or is forthcoming in Open Thread Quarterly, Shampoo, H_NGM_N, decomP, LIES/ISLE, and Titular. [email] [blog]

Arin Fisher is an activist, runner, and seminarian. He currently lives in Princeton, New Jersey.

Jim Fisher refers you to his bio for 10.1, and is going back to bed.

Ally Harris is a poet and writer. She's had poems appear in DIAGRAM, elimae, LIT, Poor Claudia, and We Are Champion.

Trey Jordan Harris lives and bakes pie in Missouri. Just a few more poems can be found in elimae. [email]

A native of Los Angeles, Christine Larusso currently lives and writes in Brooklyn, New York. [email]

Robert Hill Long is the author of The Power to Die, The Work of the Bow, The Effigies, The Kilim Dreaming, and The Wire Garden. He is a faculty research administrator at the University of Oregon. [email]

Bo McGuire hails from Hokes Bluff, Alabama, a glorious hamlet nestled in Dolly Parton's Cleavage. His work can be found around town in places like Forklift, Ohio, The Pinch, Court Green, and Cincinnati Review. Currently he spins dick-nailing fairy tales in the Rockies where he lives with a very good but very janky witch. [email]

Rebecca Mertz has been obsessed with DIAGRAM and diagrams since she was born. You may see or have seen her other poems in Drunken Boat, H_NGM_N, Bathhouse, and The Apiary Corporation. She also edits a journal, A Joint Called Pauline, which is always open for submissions of brilliance. She will teach for food, and currently does so at Duquesne University. Feel free to make contact. [email]

David James Miller is a poet, musician and teacher at CUNY. He writes from New York City, where he lives with his wife. [email]

Rufo Quintavalle was born in London in 1978 and now lives in Paris. He is the author of a chapbook, Make Nothing Happen (Oystercatcher Press, 2009), and his poems have been published in places like Barrow Street, elimae, The Wolf, and Versal. He is on the editorial board of the literary magazine Upstairs at Duroc and is currently acting poetry editor for the online journal nthposition. [email] [blog]

Samantha Stiers has fiction and poetry in The Bitter Oleander, Web Conjunctions, elimae, and other magazines. She lives in Boulder, CO. [email]

Angela Stubbs lives in Los Angeles and writes freelance. Her work has appeared in or is forthcoming from: The Collagist, Marco Polo Quarterly, Puerto del Sol, The Rumpus, LitPark, Bookslut, PopMatters, Area Sneaks, Astrophil Press and others. She also authors a column at The Nervous Breakdown.

Quintan Ana Wikswo works at the intersection of text, visual art, video, performance and installation. From July 2011 through February 2012, the Smithsonian-affiliated Center for Jewish History and Yeshiva University Museum in Manhattan will present a solo exhibition of her linked photographs, single-channel video and text installations. Her work appears in Tin House, Kenyon Review, Conjunctions, Gulf Coast, New American Writing, Denver Quarterly Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, Sidebrow, and many others. Her book Schwarzer Tod and the Useless Eaters is forthcoming in 2011. [email] [website]