Alissa Nutting




As of 2018, we have removed this story from our archive of published work. As the author put it in an email to us requesting its removal, "Many years ago I published this horrifyingly problematic & transmisogynistic story. Its plot rehashed false, abhorrent, and dangerous pop culture depictions of trans women characters; its sentences and imagery endorsed harmful stereotypes and myths. I'm deeply sorry for writing it, and deeply ashamed to have been so ignorant."

It's a rare move for us as an editorial team to remove something from our archive. We hold the published archive of a journal (especially an online one, in which the published archive is often the only archive, the only history of the magazine, editorial missteps and all) to be a sacred record, and don't delete an entry from it lightly. But in the case of a story that we no longer stand by, that we now find hurtful, and that the author herself disavows, we think it's the right decision.

We don't want to entirely erase its publication from the record, because we did publish it and want to take responsibility for that. So we leave this brief statement of regret and explanation in its stead.