Nick Courtright

The left hemisphere of the brain
is for the past, is for internal monologue, for selfhood, duality,
rationality and separation.  It is
for the future, for language, and stress, and for the watching
of telephone poles as they divide the sky from itself,

it is for differentiation, for saying, I am, I am, I am. 
The right hemisphere of the brain
is present, it is the moment and the moment, the collage
of the current, of togetherness
and beauty and denial, the right hemisphere is lala land, it is euphoria

and oneness, it is the energy that makes a bed
part of the room around it, and the room around that, and the room
around that.  It is the left hand
when it struggles to do its job, and when the wind
hurries across the acres as if it’s late…

I think this when I think of the time I gave a speech to my students
about their individuality, maybe even a soliloquy,
how afterwards one of them came to me
and said that if in ten years
I was still doing this I would have been a disappointment. 







Although some of that left brain/right brain stuff has been called into question by neurologists, I still find fascinating the idea that half of us is geared towards community and oneness, and the other half is geared toward the individual and the ability to recognize separation, and, in effect, not-oneness. That, plus an instance when a student suggested that I should be doing something more "spectacular" than teaching, which he saw as a pedestrian occupation—he thought I should be saving the world, which was funny because I thought I already was.