— Editor ANDER MONSON is a super-cheap date. He's the author of six books and a [website], among other things. He edits this fine journal, the website Essay Daily, and the New Michigan Press. [twitter]
— Fiction Editor SARAH BLACKMAN teaches something to someone some days, the good days. The author of Mother Box (FC2, 2013) and Hex (FC2, 2016), she is naturally predisposed to like your work.
— Fiction Editor THOMAS MIRA Y LOPEZ is from New York, his car Arizona, and the check engine light a pothole ~4,840 miles back. 
— Nonfiction Editor T CLUTCH FLEISCHMANN wrote Syzygy, Beauty (Sarabande) and Time Is the Thing a Body Moves Through (forthcoming, Coffee House Press). They care more about prison abolition than craft and it's snowing while they write this. 
— Nonfiction Editor NICOLE WALKER flies like a hurricane to the sea. She is not a cheap date, but she is the author of This Noisy Egg and Quench Your Thirst With Salt. [blog] [twitter]
— Poetry Editor RAFAEL GONZALEZ surfboarts, surfboarts.
— Poetry Editor HEIDI GOTZ was the Rights and Permissions Editor for a leading educational textbook publisher in Illinois. She remains a pin-up girl and not just for awesomeness.
— Poetry Editor

KATIE JEAN SHINKLE is the author of The Arson People (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2015) and Our Prayers After the Fire (Blue Square Press, 2014). She feels strongly about Blues Traveler.

— Reviews Editor LAWRENCE LENHART: from Pittsburgh, for Bangladesh, in Sacramento. Errata: <1> Tucson instead of Pittsburgh <2> Myanmar instead of Bangladesh <3> Rehoboth instead of Sacramento. [twitter]
— Assistant Fiction Editor DOLLY LANINGA likes that color on you.
— Assistant Fiction Editor LAWRENCE LENHART: from Pittsburgh, for Bangladesh, in Sacramento. Errata: <1> Tucson instead of Pittsburgh <2> Myanmar instead of Bangladesh <3> Rehoboth instead of Sacramento
— Assistant Fiction Editor JANET TOWLE: strong violence throughout, some language, partial nudity. 
— Assistant Nonfiction Editor HEATHER PRICE-WRIGHT is usually cast as the villain, though perhaps unjustly so. She lives, learns and, on good days, writes in New York.
— Assistant Poetry Editor

ANDIE FRANCIS wants to know: what's in your head, in your head? Zombie! Zombie! Zom-beh-ah-eh-a-eh-a-eh-a! oh-a, oh-a, oh-a, oh-a, oh-a, oh-a, oh-a, eh-eh-awww, yah yah, owwww.

— Assistant Poetry Editor DAVID KUTZ-MARKS is the author of Violin Playing Herself in a Mirror (University of Massachusetts Press, 2015), selected by James Tate, Dara Wier and James Haug for the 2014 Juniper Prize for Poetry. Recent poems appear in The New Yorker, Boston Review, Kenyon Review Online, West Branch, Verse Daily, and other venues. David holds degrees from Columbia University and the University of Chicago and lives in Northeast Pennsylvania.
— Assistant Poetry Editor GWYNETH MERNER thinks her vocal doppelganger can be heard in Robert Ashley's "Flying Saucer Dialogue."
— Social Media Editor PATRI WISLAND is a huggable writer, painter, photographer. [twitter]
— Contributing Editor HANNAH ENSOR roots for Michigan.
— Contributing Editor JOSHUA FOSTER recently started combing his hair. He often writes stories and essays set in southeastern Idaho, where he lives. He was once a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University and has MFAs (F, NF) from University of Arizona.
— Contributing Editor BENJAMIN MYERS has got no strings. Comme ci comme ça. His savoir-faire is ooh la la!
— Contributing Editor EA RAMEY has both eyes...for now.
— Contributing Editor MICHAEL SHEEHAN has all his original parts and is in fair to good condition. He lives, writes and teaches in Texas.
— Contributing Editor LAUREN SLAUGHTER teaches at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Formerly fiction editor of this fine magazine, she now edits poemmemoirstory.

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