Justin Boening

When water a sudden ornament                      When
choreographies                       When tacit ocean haul
under the wrench of waves                         Therefore
commencement Therefore                       very nearly
when wholly undone                                    absent So
that we                                        our every occupation
loose                                             Startled gulls storm-
lit Astonishing                               communion When
without a moment back                               the glass-
quiet waters                                             a logic is lost
So heavy the hour So                    flickering rapacity
of wings in flight                               Peaked cumulus
over moon Too late                       to be easy A world
we see                                       by our world around it






"Where Springs Itself" is part of a series that purports to listen for those phenomenon not clearly in our senses but inextricably of this world, then limn or capture (not creep into) its field. The series began shortly after a long tryst with the works of Marjorie Perloff.