Elaine Bleakney

Emily is a small drawn girl in black and white.

Girls in America open Emily in themselves.

The height of Emily begins and ends without a proper camera.

As the Martin twins, blonde, receive their breasts.

As Drew Barrymore returns, undercover, to a high school she never ends.

Emily unpopular makes two rules:

    1) What can never happen is big emotion in the underground.

    2) Where the Velvet Underground can always be played.

Emily nesting Peeps inside a microwave.

The resulting blog.

Then Emily as an infant they never show in the light.

Her brain down the middle in a daguerreotype.

The year Drew Barrymore at the Oscars misfires her hair.

Emily teases toward a form in air--very far

within the dare of her landing page.

Emily expansive. 

Emily Age.






Emily Dickinson? Emily the Strange? Even in this kind of horseplay, my vote's for Awe.