Farrah Sarafa

The world's tallest building
 still waits to be discovered
Tall, with perfect standstill poise,
  it makes little noise 
without permission from the bird.
 Straight spine, upright, structure to spire
 top, noticeable from far
from various angles and glare,
Its windows top square
cuneiforms-slants and tilted star 
monumentally lit Christmas tree's
face indeed glows for all to 
Makes their eyes glisten, enjoy
 colors lifting Joy
trapped in its Metallic body.







Living in New York City, it's nearly impossible to not get caught up in the competition, speed, and progress emblematized by the figure of the Skyscraper. Both intimidating and inspiring, we aspire to be like the tall, solid edifices lining hundreds of blocks, but like which one, exactly?