John Hudak



[original lecture mp3]


Transformation (John Hudak) of a lecture (Achim Wollscheid)—on occasion of "Amplitude of chance", Kawasaki City Museum, Kawasaki, Japan 2001. The lecture was in English with simultaneous Japanese translation by Caitlin Stronell.

The concept of our collaboration is to add two more tracks to a DVD recording of the lecture [besides the (film-) visual and the (voice-)sound]: a translation/transformation of the voice into a different sonic structure and a translation/transformation of the film into a different visual structure which will enable the user of the DVD to choose between several possibilites—original sound and transformed picture, original sound and transformed sound, etc.

The audio piece, CONSTRUZIONE LEGGITTIMA I, is one of a number of short preliminary tests I have been working on, with the idea of creating a version that mirrors the rhythm and relative pitches of the voices without the word-meanings.