Gydja and Maru




"Ich sitze in einem Leichenschauhaus" is a collaboration between Gydja and Maru; sound artists living in New Zealand and Germany respectively. The original sound source was provided by Maru, and manipulated by Gydja. Because the reading that forms the original source was made in German, the actual content of the text had no bearing on how the sounds were processed, with their exoteric meaning hidden, and only discernible in an intrinsic manner. This underlying meaning is borne out in the title of this piece, which references both the morbid subject matter of the text (revealed once the piece had been composed) and Alvin Lucier's pioneering recorded-voice composition "I am sitting in a room" (1970). In Lucier's work, a single spoken phrase is, over the course of 40 minutes, turned into pure harmonics in which the original words are no longer discernible. In "Ich sitze in einem Leichenschauhaus" the process is more rapid, with the original sound source interacting with both a processed harmonic version, and a garbled version suggestive of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena).