Roderick Maclean


Darkness bleeds from door of 6th flr x-Spply
Rm No. 6 where ppr Order No. 7842433 blooms
nocturnal & imperial white Myslf the cmpnn
FoR [FRIENDofRICK] on flr beside sad mis-

Shapen dUSTY ream of Prntr/Cpr ppr I sa-
vor such cmpny whn FoRs have nvr a thng
< Blank ppr mate this FoR undrstnds what

Purposelessness means And you 7842433 may
have once been also RacquetballBuddy of R-
ick [OurTruLeader] & granted title "Vision-
erd" or "Spunkmeister" & flt deep pblc shame

Au revoir my ppr mate lest we be dscvrd
INSO< "Bill-man any Booth Bunnies to rprt
at NexCon tdy?" But B-m & miniature collie

Franz emanate smirks of FoR pity trotting 6
legged by me eDoggies eSpclly sense futility
And FoR haunts the hlls w/ cold fire prtndng
busywork waiting for UTILITY & rmmbrng that

ACEDWITHPOSY< 7842433 = Medium of Rick if
wrong-sized Prntr/Cpr is found & FoR = $
90k/yr w/ time to spend w/ my intimates


The pieces (like this one) in Tropic/of/Cubicle the book are character studies for Tropic/of/Cubicle the Broadway musical, which is itself a promotional vehicle for Tropic/of/Cubicle the boardgame and Tropic/of/Cubicle the ice vending machine, among other hotly-anticipated consumer products.