Mathematics for Nurses: with Clinical Applications, 1981, Mary K. Miller, Brooks/Cole Publishing Co., Monterey, California.

2. The physical therapy dept. maintains a Hubbard Tank (this is a stainless-steel, bathtub-like apparatus with whirlpool features). The Hubbard Tank can be used by one patient at a time. When a patient is finished using the tank, it must be cleaned and disinfected, which takes approximately 12 minutes. On one day, 21 patients used the tank. How many minutes were spent cleaning the Hubbard Tank?

6. Last year the inhalation therapist used her "Bird Machine" for a total of 18,173 minutes. So far this year she has used it for 1779 minutes. How many more minutes must she use it this year before she matches last year's total minutes of use?

21. A patient requiring thyroid-replacement therapy is given 0.2 mg of Synthroid ® daily; however, she soon shows overdosage symptons. The doctor gradually reduces the dose to 0.025 mg of Synthroid ® daily. Find the difference between the original dose of Synthroid ® and the current dose.

24. A child has just consumed a bottle of baby aspirin. Life-support measures are started, and blood is drawn to determine how much aspirin is in the child's blood. If the child's blood contains 35.25 mg of aspirin per 100 ml of blood and the toxic level is 30 mg per 100 ml, how far above the toxic level is the concentration of aspirin in the child's blood?