BOOK OF [      ]

Steffan Triplett



reimagine the window / in the top right corner of the basement / on the wall that faces your house two blocks down / the half-beagle a sleepy sphere / pressed outside against it / her brown and black starting to blur / she is laze / a reminder that you are still / children

does she smell it on you / the slow death / does she know what happens / in this neighborhood / peel away the dark the lights left you with / the door is closed / shade it in / observe the nick in its frame / the phantom face in its stain / mouth open wide / open wide / ignore the human that has fallen / asleep to the bible-on-tape / just beyond it / you two are alone
now / it started with a hand / in places one shouldn’t be / it was strange / it was / unreal / this has to be an accident / or game / flip the lights on / I must have been dreaming / the beginning of a lie / he must have been dreaming / you must have been

dreaming / here the walls are warm and cream-colored / listen closely to the recording / when the air kicks off / here is the important part / hear the story is all wrong / it’s not the little round stone that does in Goliath / no / David cuts off his head / they don’t tell us until we are older / men have hurt
for some time / he holds it by the hair / blood pooling triumphantly / if such a thing / a scarlet lake in the ground / to swim in forever / you are afraid / to go to sleep






Sometimes, when I didn’t want to go to Sunday school, I would stay at home and read this book of cartoon Bible stories to prove to myself and my parents that I was a good person. The pictures were very pleasant, they weren’t scary or violent at all.