Avron Barr and Edward A. Feigenbaum, The Handbook of Artificial Intelligence Volume II, Heuristech Press, 1982

This article describes a computer coach for WUMPUS, a computer game in which the played must track down and slay the vicious Wumpus while avoiding pitfalls that result in certain, if fictional, death (Yob, 1975). The coach described here is WUSOR-II, one of three generations of computer coaches for WUMPUS developed by Ira Goldstein and Brian Carr at MIT (Carr and Goldstein, 1977; for discussions of WUSOR-I and WUSOR-III, see Stansfield, Carr, and Goldstein, 1976, and Goldstein, 1979, respectively). To be a skilled Wumpus-hunter, one must know about logic, probability, decision theory, and geometry. A deficit in one's knowledge may result in being eaten by the Wumpus or falling to the center of the earth. In keeping with the philosophy of computer coaching, students are highly motivated to learn these fundamental skills.