Patti Yumi Cottrell, Wet Land, Action Books, 2014

Reviewed by Jamison Crabtree

Review Guidelines


You find yourself in a review of Sorry to Disrupt the Peace!

For this adventure, you’ll play a character put into a similar scenario as Helen Moran, the protagonist of Patty Yumi Cottrell’s debut novel.

Your goal is the same as the novel's protagonist: you've learned that your adoptive brother has committed suicide. By returning to the home that your adoptive parents shared with your adoptive brother, you hope to discover information that might help your adoptive parents recover from his death.

As a 32-year old part-time caregiver to at-risk youth in New York City (in Helen's words, a city so rich it funds poetry , you're perfectly suited for this task. In fact, you may be the only person who can discover what happened and provide support for the still-living members of your adoptive family.

Besides, despite your diligent attention to your clients, you're currently under investigation at work. So this is the perfect time to return to Milwaukee and move from investigated to investigator!

If you find yourself overwhelmed, you can type help to see a list of possible commands. Good luck!

Welcome, investigator! Before we begin, you'll need to create a character.

What's your name, investigator?


  • to move through the house, type go followed by the name of a connected room
  • to examine your current surroundings, simply type look
  • to see a list of rooms that are accessible from your current location, type navigate
  • to see a list of items that exist within a room that you can interact with, type look items
  • to see a list of the items in your inventory, type inventory
  • items can be interacted with by typing look, investigate, take, speak, or use followed by the name of the object you'd like to interact with
  • feel free to dance or to sing
  • if you need help in-game with any of these instructions, type help followed by the command name you'd like help with
  • have fun exploring the house!