Khadijah Queen



Unpredictable, to stay where left
The remnants of a traveled path
Transported & left behind
To dot landscapes & track the lost
Movement of ice bodies. invisible imagined as wreck, detritus of a melted colossus
The nature of erosion requires faith. a violence, obliteration
Through slough,
Erasure, the slow indifference is & silent,
(the marks of everything progressive
(the marks that anticipate
Precarious, the vulnerability of what can last
Asking. if you can move, you should. seemingly impenetrable stones
Not at all least proves foolishness)
Choice over non-choice)
What you give up to gain matters less. the edge of it
Claiming all the black from your hair
Too bad about boundaries.
Clean & clean again & have
A hand in grasping at
Melancholy & fret
Remaining. but not holding on.
Close your eyes unless willing to
Predict. an experiment before it's too far 


Interruptions, time as transitional and simultaneous, the endless crises of living & the choice to see or not see, move or not move, vs. what is automatic or externally imposed. Recommended reading: Alejandra Pizarnik, Extracting the Stone of Madness.