Mike Yim



I wanted you to know, whenever you are around, can't speak. I can't speak.
—Childish Gambino

Artichoke neck is
a bamboo spire,
whistle inside
an armadillo,
really, the best
armored condom
before Homer
and Trojans.

Love is a flood.
I dig inside,
find solace in
my own Ark,
create a Covenant               
myself. Oath:
One touch I die.

Zip up
my heart,
and my pants—
Zhang He's
greatest admiral
without balls.

Armored up,
I sail past
sun-tanned sea,
her skin.
I pass.

I amor!
Today, this twig
armor will snap
to nudity.




This poem comes from me falling in love with this girl from summer camp. I'll get over her. [link]