Mark Neely




Liive from the fucking wires! From waves of mutant grain
and roiling ice. Liive from the bull-baiting self-

hating radio! From jiving pig megaphones
and philanthropy's murderous houses,

from detention stadium and the hurricane
spinning us down to the tune of a squad car's

mesmeric lights. Liive from the oily interior,
the death cars pulling away. Dear pigs protect us.

Save us from swarthy bomb makers and teenage flame
wars and the hormonal fury of lip ring and tongue,

from the AKs under their hoodies, the poor and unstable,
the gas lines undermining our houses.

Dear pigs we salute you. Dear POTUS rock us to sleep!
Go liive from the high-value target, from playgrounds of rubble

and rebar. POTUS protect us!
We're voting from under our billowing dreams.

Fence off the borders. Fence off the sadness!
Go liive from the blowing away!

From the scrubbed decks of history,
where loving pig fathers swill their swine wine,

where precious pig children toss in their beds.
Liive from their gossiping brains!

From the shiny new century, from satellites pinging at Mars.
From schizo star mags and orange alerts, from bloody night clubs                 

and the tight cockpits of F-15s. Liive from the force field
of privilege. We'll make this new testament ours!

Follow the sirens, the exquisite weapons.
Turn to the camera. Dance in the epileptic light!

Throw your hands in the air.
Throw your damn hands in the air!



The inner voice gone haywire, hijacked by media and furor.