Jack Martin



Does Renoir's arthritis
get ignored when opthamalogists
write about art? Did Abraham Lincoln's
anxiety attacks contribute to the Union?
In South Asia and in the Kalahari
and in Pakistan, Polynesia, and Greece,
people walk on hot coals for more than attention.
Palemon pledged his every waking breath
to Ondine, so when he cheated on her,
she cursed him by giving him Congenital
Central Hypoventilation Syndrome.
Was Ondine a goddess or a mermaid?
What causes pain? What is the difference
between pain and love? How dare I speak about             
pain on an international scale?
Does using questions instead of statements
make anything more palatable?
Curiosity can be offensive.
Did fatal sleep apnea originate
in a French folk tale
written by a German novelist?
Why do mosquito bites itch so much?
Pain is caused by chemical
mechanical changes in tissues. Kari
got hit by a car on Friday,
while she was walking her dog.
Global traumatic brain injury.
Three days, and she's still not awake.
What different problems we would have
if it weren't for pain.