Dr. Michael W Fox,The Healing Touch for Cats: The Proven Massage Program, Newmarket Press, 2004


This sequence, which you can vary to suit yourself and your pet once you have mastered the routine, consists of the following steps, which in total should take about twenty minutes to complete.

Step One: The relaxation stage makes you and the animal calm and receptive.

Step Two: Massage of the back, beginning at the nape of the neck and moving down to the rump and sacrum.

Step Three: Massage of the head and neck, including the face and jaw muscles.

Step Four: Massage of the shoulder and forelegs.

Step Five: Massage of the chest and abdomen.

Step Six: The hip and hind legs are massaged.

Because of the different arrangement of muscles and tendons in these six regions of the body, different massage strokes are needed. These will now be detailed with particular reference to the various anatomical structures that you must recognize in order to give a full an effective general body massage.

Unlike giving a massage to a human being, you do not need to use massage oil, which would ruin your cat’s coat.