Hallie Wiederholt


                                                  We were in a foreign land. Falling out of oblivion. It was hickory smoked.
Tasted like a mouthful of ash.

here _____ voices like loose sugar
here ____ glory, glory

Imagine the valley breathing—lungs filled with smoke—deep inhales & long exhales to match.

yellow or primrose or Arabian
day or night

go on &
on the contrary

but if you blink too fast
I won't believe you

with the cleverness of a crow
do you question
as I question
the bed sheet
a parachute of Aprils
wrapped around
the handle of this dead umbrella

as if spring flowers
could say all this



Much of the inspiration and imagery for this poem came from various dreams as fragments. The process involved collaging the fragments together. The poem went through several iterations before finding the final composition.

"loose sugar" is borrowed from Brenda Hillman's book titled Loose Sugar.