Lauren Brazeal


December, 2007

I watch them meat-grind pony up and pause
the moment of her death so I can paint.
The website hosts an arc of animals alive,
at first, then dumped, hog-tied in grinders:

two cows at once, an elephant, a bag                                         
of dogs. I've starred the pony video
because—like stabbing at a hurricane—
in minute 0:24 she wars against

the unavoidable. These scenes make proper
use of light and shadow, and my art
has grown because of it. My mentor swears
my canvasses encourage viewers

to react with candor; find truth in this
array of images we're witnessing.



“Pony Expressionism” is part of a long series of broken sonnets on tiny equines in America inspired by the dark side of the internet, and abundant antique snapshots of ponies found in junk shops.