Fattori Patrizia, Breveglieri Rossella, Marzocchi Nicoletta, Maniadakis Michail, and Galletti Claudio, "Brain Area V6A: a Cognitive Model for an Embodied Artificial Intelligence," in Max Lungarella, Fumiya Iida, Josh Bongard, Rolf Pfiefer, eds., 50 Years of Artificial Intelligence, Springer, 2007


A. Experimental set-up and visual responses of a gaze-dependent visual cell. The square represents the screen in front of the aimal. FP is the fixation point of the monkey, RF the receptive field of the neuron, and S visual stimulus used to activate the cell (the stimulus was moved leftwards across the RF). The histogram to the right of the screen is the response of the cell when its RF was activated while the animal gazed at the center of the screen.