Levi Rubeck


We forget one lick
where the rain shuts down the road,
less pure blood warms me up,
one tired lick less,
my mind lands on the earth
like a curse, full of pure curse,
insincerity slammed by the sun,
I know a lunatic
who walked towards doubt,
I know the reason
my heart slammed with blood




"Leaves Flare" comes from a short series of poems, all of which share the same title, that I assembled from the lyrics of the album [Leaves Turn Inside You] by Unwound. The rules were very loose; I wasn't going for an erasure or anything explicitly tied to the album, but rather wanted to limit my vocabulary and see what I could come up with. I was surprised by how much of the post-millennial gloom I felt when the album first came out (2001) emerged, but also how, in those humid, drawn out notes, there was room to shimmy and groove. Which is probably my personal end-goal in poetry.