Emilia Phillips

"Possession of the following live species is prohibited... Wild boar, wild hog, wild swine, feral pig, feral hog, feral swine, Old world swine, razorback, eurasian wild boar, Russian wild boar..."


Thus, illegal to pen & slop a pig caught in the wild.

Ergo, its swine descended.

Notwithstanding the feral begot the tame begot
the feral.

Wherefore, A pig is a pig is a pig.

Ad coelom, Its odor is evidence of keeping.

Ipso facto: the hoofprint or shadow thereof.

However, Can you even tell the difference?

Pig A has tusks. Pig B is pink.

Henceforth: Take. Eat.

Toward: The eradication of invasive species.

Moreover, The pastoral is not a state of mind, but a mind of the state.

Ex parte: Send us into the swine, that we enter into them.

Or: Who is keeping whom?

By the by, Pigs will eat anything. Even pigs.

Likewise: The sow, her half-feral bastard.

Thereafter: A pig is.

Still & all, a tabula rasa.

Furthermore, again, accordingly.








After reading about Michigan's illegal species act, I became consumed with latinate adverbs used in legal documents for a few days. A friend of mine debated me one day about the use of adverbs at all. When he told me never to use them, I had to write a poem based around them.