Lightsey Darst

Ultimately, it was god who decided. We will not have anything to complain about or be               
saddened by / Here gleams (forever)

platinum paving, a pavé diamond overpass. There is no procreation or loneliness.
"He’s got morals, principles. He is remembered chiefly for his roles

as Michelangelo, Moses, & Ben-Hur. Later in life he led the National Rifle
unexplained presence of things"

like dog leashes, choke collars, & bungee cords. Brood first
on the kind of ideas a disaster unleashes: "this day

the bridge fell, for no reason, I drove past. I had a feeling" a burning bush
hisses, arm thyself, "Fasten your doors; at midnight,

home invasion. Man shot / girlfriend cries, "he was only
no death, no anger, mirror. And in ochre trace with one finger immortal lineaments.


Follow the silt
A picture falling: bad luck.






For what wandered into this poem, I am deeply grateful. That people try to put their feelings in words is still wonderful to me. You can pick up a bit of language and it's like picking up a whistle someone used to call their first dog home. This must be why I'm a writer: I'm fascinated with the ghosts, the longings that leave their trace.