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Ari Banias grew up in Los Angeles, El Paso, and the suburbs of Chicago. He's the author of a chapbook, What's Personal is Being Here With All of You (Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs, 2012), and his poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Subtropics, The Volta, Gulf Coast, Drunken Boat, and elsewhere. He is the 2012-13 Halls Poetry Fellow at the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing in Madison. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. [website]

A. M. Brand is a poet and visual artist living in Chicago. She spends a fair amount of her time listening to Soul Train albums and eating unreasonable amounts of candy. Other interests include: daguerreotype, euchre, anatomical drawings, and long-distance driving. Her poetry has previously appeared in PANK Magazine. [email]

William John Bert is a software engineer and writer. He lives in Washington, DC. [website] [twitter]

Rachael Button hails from Metro-Detroit but currently lives just in Holden Village—a remote community in the North Cascades of Washington—where she works as a Para educator for the village's eleven student [public school]. Her nonfiction has previously appeared in The Collagist, Creative Nonfiction, Redivider, KNOCK, Ozone Park, and Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment. She is currently at work on a collection of essays titled When I Get Home. [blog] [email]

Michael Canavan's poems have appeared in Night Train and Inknode. He lives in Brooklyn. [email]

Taylor Collier is currently living/teaching/dying in Syracuse, NY. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in the minnesota review, Southern Indiana Review, Harpur Palate, Willow Springs, and others. [email]

Melissa Cundieff-Pexa's poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Spoon River Poetry Review, MiPOesias, Coachella Review, Iron Horse Literary Review, Fairy Tale Review, Juked, 42opus, among other journals. She lives in Ithaca, NY with her husband, Chris, and their five-year-old daughter, Wren Reveille. Aside from writing, Melissa also enjoys drawing giant faces. [email]

David M. DeLeon's poems have appeared in places like Fence Magazine, Rattle, The Cortland Review, Bat City Review, Anderbo, and Anti-. Fiction has appeared in Strange Horizons, some poetics in Box of Jars. He lives in New York City, where avoiding people has become less of a lifestyle and more of an art. [website] [email]

Kevin Ducey is a writer living in Seoul, Korea, during the Lee dynasty. He has also lived in the United States, Mexico, and Switzerland. He has a book available from Copper Canyon.

Tessa Fontaine was born in a dress on a shark behind a shopping mall in California. Her accounts of these tales can be found in Creative Nonfiction, The Normal School, Brevity, PANK, Fugue, and more. To hear them in person, holler at her at the University of Alabama, or in Alabama prisons. [email]

James Allen Hall is the author of Now You're the Enemy. Recent poems have appeared or are forthcoming in New England Review, American Poetry Review, Vinyl, and Best American Poetry 2012. He teaches creative writing and literature in upstate New York. [email]

Dale Megan Healey's essays and fiction have been published in Prick of the Spindle, Untapped New York, Pequin, Blue Stocking Society, and The Common. She is a Creative Writing Teaching Fellow at Columbia University and is working on a collection of essays on grief and conceptual art. [email]

W. Scott Howard is the founding editor of Reconfigurations: A Journal for Poetics & Poetry / Literature & Culture. His poems may be found in Eccolinguistics, Ekleksographia, Many Mountains Moving, and word for / word; his essays, in Denver Quarterly, Double Room, Reconstruction, and Talisman. [email]

Ted Jean is a retired insurance executive. He writes, paints, plays tennis with his lovely wife, Lai Mei. His work has appeared in Pear Noir (where it has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize,) as well as Magma, elimae, Gargoyle, Blue Earth Review, dozens of other publications. [email]

Brandon Kreitler's poems have appeared in Conjunctions, Boston Review, Indiana Review, Maggy, Cutbank, Sonora Review, and Eoagh. A chapbook, Dusking, is out from Argos Books. He's from Arizona and lives in New York City, where he teaches English and is completing the manuscript for a first book of poems. [email]

Lawrence Lenhart is an MFA candidate in fiction at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He’s currently finishing a manuscript about Bangladesh, expatriation, and Islamophobia. He has won several awards, including the Laverne Harrell Clark Fiction Award, and has been published in Collision Magazine, Three Rivers Review, Hot Metal Bridge, and other places. He teaches fiction at UA & co-edits Sonora Review.

Norman Lock has written novels and short fiction as well as stage, radio and screen plays. His latest literary fictions are the novels Shadowplay (Ellipsis Press), the short-fiction collections Grim Tales (Mud Luscious Press) and Pieces for Small Orchestra & Other Fictions (Spuyten Duyvil), and the novella Escher’s Journal (Ravenna Press). Three Plays was recently issued by Noemi Press. Earlier works include A History of the Imagination (FC2), Land of the Snow Men (Calamari Press), Notes to ‘The Book of Supplemental Diagrams for Marco Knauff’s Universe (Ravenna Press, and originally published by DIAGRAM, 1.2, May, 2001), and the acclaimed Absurdist drama The House of Correction (Broadway Play Publishing Co.). A new short-story collection Love Among the Particles will be published by Bellevue Literary Press in the spring of 2013. [website]

Will Mackin lives in New Mexico, which is far from Afghanistan, although occasionally an irrigation ditch or starlit sky will take him back. [email]

Todd McCarty is a freelance writer who lives in Chicago. He's worked previously as an Assistant Editor for the journal Court Green, for Naropa's Audio Archive Project, and at KGNU Radio in Boulder, CO. He was the interviewer and producer for the poetry programs End Quote and Subliminal Guild, and recorded many poets including Anne Waldman, Alice Notley, Sonia Sanchez, Robin Blaser, as well as many others. His poems have appeared in Columbia Poetry Review, 580 Split, Court Green, Rhino, and on Verse Daily. He recently received a partial fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center, and his chapbook Fall for You was published by Blue Press in November, 2012. [email]

Steven Moore lives and works in San Franciso. [email]

JoAnna Novak is the author of Something Real (dancing girl press 2011) and a founding editor of Tammy/Tim. Her poetry has most recently appeared in Web Conjunctions, Spinning Jenny, and Aesthetix. She studies and teaches at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. [email]

Hai-Dang Phan was born in Vietnam and raised in Wisconsin. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Lana Turner, NOÖ Journal, Barrow Street, Drunken Boat, and elsewhere. He teaches at Grinnell College. [email]

D. E. Steward writes serial month-to-month months in the manner of "Marzoto" and is grateful to be publishing it in DIAGRAM. The project, Chroma, of which it is a part is in its twenty-seventh year with 316 months completed and almost two thirds of them out in literary magazines, Conjunctions, Massachusetts Review, Notre Dame Review, Denver Quarterly, Gargoyle, and an extensive list of others. [email]

Eric Torgersen's new book Heart. Wood. was published in June 2012 by Word Press. He's finishing a collection of ghazals to be called In Which We See Our Selves: American Ghazals. [email]

M. A. Vizsolyi’s first book of poems, The Lamp with Wings, was a National Poetry Series selection. He teaches ice hockey and ice skating lessons in Central Park, and lives in Brooklyn, where he coedits the online journal, Paperbag. [email]

Ryan Walsh is an editor for Q Ave Press. He is author of The Sinks (2010 Mississippi Valley Poetry Chapbook Contest winner) and his poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Ecotone; FIELD; Forklift, Ohio; Narrative; and elsewhere. He works at the Vermont Studio Center and lives in Johnson, VT.

R. Williams is the author of a chapbook, Conveyance (Dancing Girl Press, 2012). Recently, her work has appeared in no tell motel, H_NGM_N, jubilat, Barn Owl Review, Barrelhouse, RHINO, Bone Bouquet, and Bateau among others. [website] [email]



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