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The title "Toothless Abreaction" comes from Daniel Nester and Jonah Winter. The title "Life in Common Sections" was given to me by Noy Holland. Footnotes 148 through 152 were written for the piece by Weston Cutter. Both, I must say, were really fun to write. "Toothless Abreaction" came out of messing around with a new version of Word. I had always wanted to write something like it but nothing ever seemed to work and always looked or felt forced. The format of "Life in Common Section" came to me the moment I read the title. It seemed so obvious. I was sort of burned-out with writing when I came around to doing it. It allowed me to make these little one-line poems that stood on their own but also melded together in odd ways. I think it took me a month to write (which is long for me). It is now its own section in my "bad title" book.