Paolo Soleri, The Bridge Between Matter and Spirit is Matter Becoming Spirit: the Arcology of Paolo Soleri, Anchor Books, 1973


As a critique by itself does not get anywhere, I must at least diagrammatically exemplify the ideas presented in the preceding. In defining a three-dimensional city, one defines a new man-made topography or landscape so coordinated as to contain the "inlets" and the "outlets" for the needs of the thousand of individuals composing the society. It is a plumbing system for society where physical flow and swiftness are the media in which the software of man's constitution can easily seek, find and reach those things the city promises but rarely or never delivers.

I am not advocating the miraculous, I am summarily describing the character of a complex miniaturized organism that compounds efficiency and frugality in its physical performance, freeing the mind and the soul for their tasks and flights.