A. Kato, H. Tsuji, and Y. Okamoto, "Programming the Diagnosis Logic by Means of the Conversational Graphic Input to the CRT Display Device," Specialists' Meeting on Systems and Methods for Aiding Nuclear Power Plant Operators During Normal and Abnormal Conditions, Hungary, Baltonaliga, 4-6 October, 1983


CCT diagram editor has the following five functions.

(1) Diagram manipulator ..... accepts engineer's tablet and keyboard input commands, displays corresponding diagram on the CRT screen, and converts diagram to machine independent general tree structure data base called CCT Data Base (CDB).

(2) Diagram compiler ..... converts CDB to efficient on-line execution program module which is composed of the execution machine dependent logic calculation module (status predictor) and various tables such as model data base, entry node file etc.

(3) Linkage editor ..... links the output of the diagram compiler with the programs independent to the CCT logic such as the system executive programs, diagnosis supervisor, anomaly-cause identifier, and failure-effect predictor. [2]

(4) Down loading function ..... transmits the output of the linkage editor to the diagnosis execution processor.

(5) On-line monitor ..... traces current diagrnosis situation on the CCT diagram displaying the active nodes with red colour, and in active nodes with green colour.