A. Lindner, F. Baldeweg, and U. Fiedler, "The Disturbance Analysis System SAAP-2," Specialists' Meeting on Systems and Methods for Aiding Nuclear Power Plant Operators During Normal and Abnormal Conditions, Hungary, Baltonaliga, 4-6 October, 1983


All messages of the disturbance analysis system perform "pictures". These "pictures" are arranged in levels and pages (see Fig. 3.). Increasing levels mean more detailed information.

Fig. 3 shows that all pages perform a graph. It is only possible to go from one page to another along an arc of the graph.

Each page of the graph get [sic] a priority. The priority of a page is a function of process state and operator input. The priorities of the pages are calculated continuously and the page with the highest priority is given out to the CRT-screen.

Operator interaction to change any information or to choose any page is always possible, but only information which is shown on the screen can be changed.

A special function Keyboard and an alpha-numerical Keyboard is used for man-machine interaction.