Charles Richet, Thirty Years of Psychical Research, Arno Press, 1975


In 1916-1917 [Mr. W. J. Crawford, D.Sc., lecturer in engineering at the Municipal Technical Institute, Belfast] experimented in a private circle with a non-professional medium, Miss Kathleen Goligher. Table-movements were produced without contact of any kind. "I have seen," says Mr. Crawford, "hundreds of these levitations. Sometimes a chair would rise off its four feet and remain in the air for several minutes."

By different instruments that cannot be here described, Crawford measured the forces proceeding from the medium. When she was placed on a weighing machine he found that during the levitation of light objects their weight was added to that of the medium. In other words, the effect as regards weight was as if the medium were herself lifting the objects....

Crawford drew the inference that a rigid rod proceeds from the body of the medium. This is quite comformable to our experiments with Eusapia. By this means heavy bodies can be psychically raises. According to him there are two modes of procedure according to the weight of the object to be raised. "The cantilever method is made of use for light bodies or when the applied forces are small, and the strut method for heavy bodies or when the applied forces are large" (p. 108). It would seem also (as discovered by Ochorowicz and some others) that other sitters also lose weight slightly during the levitation experiments.