Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, creatingcustomerevangelists, Dearborn Trade Publishing, 2003


Gerald Haman is not afraid to be out there. To dress up in a costume; to stand out in the crowded business field; to introduce theater into business.

Meet Solutionman.

Solutionman sports a red cape, tights, and a sturdy chin not unlike Haman's boyhood hero, Superman. Solutionman was born when Lari Wasgburn, one of Haman's clients at Lucent, said out of the blue one day, "You're such a solution man." That was another lightbulb moment, and soon Solutionman was being photographed for Fast Company magazine, making appearances at schools, and canvassing trade shows.

An appearance at Chicago's Francis Xavier Ward grade school in 1997 created a good deal of buzz...

The creation of Solutionman is part of a larger network of connections in the history of Haman's company that began years earlier with Haman's membership in Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art, as depicted in Figure 10.4 [right]...