Sutherland Douglass

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The question was asked: "Where did this story come from?"

1. The second edition of Curtis White's collection Metaphysics in the Midwest contains a story entitled "This is Not an Autobiographical Statement." The story (not to mention the collection) appears to present biographical aspects of the author's life, except it presents them like with a line drawn through them. The stories simultaneously argue: What you see before you both is and is not. This effect is not original to Metaphysics by any means (see, e.g., no. 2), but retains its power nonetheless.

2. The unfinished Orson Welles' film Confidential Report (aka, Mr. Arkadin). Especially the multiple different public domain copies still out there and floating around.

3. The Japanese tradition of "erotic grotesque nonsense" (ero guro nansensu).

4. Found art and old time radio.

5. An attempt to write a series of interconnected stories containing information that is not possibly—but is also almost certainly—biographically accurate (see no. 1).