Jared Dyer

Possibly a workcamp
Kids work there
They take care of older people
Little kids
Kids ranging from
Age 6 tooooooooo
Maybe 17

There's a dead body in the closet
There's some
Someone comes
A door-to-door salesman comes and starts taking to me and someone else
life insurance or something about my hobbies
Yes my hobbies, my hobbies
What I was doing as a teenager
or               "                   younger kid

And at that time
one of the workers
or somebody else notices that
somebody has pissed all over
the closet
They make a mention of it and
brush it off
I'm talking to someone

Later on, one of the kids
says shit, someone pissed all over the closet
Somebody thought the closet was the bathroom
One of the old people thought the closet was a bathroom
And I'm like,
ok fuck
ok fine

Everyone goes to take a bath
Especially this one kid
other than myself

I go and inspect this closet
see that there is a green sleeping bag
with a yellow, plaid liner
covered in liquid
Other shiny materials hanging
but nothing resembles clothes
so much as these shiny bags
And if you look a little bit to the right you notice
a man in a wheelchair
Head covered in bandages
Blood everywhere
Dead in the
Oxygen tank
Things if this nature

I freaked out
I didn't know
That person had probably been living there for a while
Couldn't get out
Pissed himself living there
Pissed in the closet

I run to the kids
They are taking baths
I try to tell them, but they're embarrassed
because they are naked
They tell me to go away,
but I need someone's help to get this person out of there
I can't do it alone
I can't enter the
I'm too afraid
I'm just
Too afraid
To do it

I go back to the sinks
outside of this bathroom area
The older people, we take care of
And they are somehow
Somehow they know that one of their friends died
In the bathroom
And they start talking about removing him and I say
I will help you. You.
You in particular.

Forward a bit
To some reason I'm trying
I want to pay these people back
I want to cook for them
There's a man and a woman
The woman is
The first
The man was very thin
Looked like Sonny
told us how easy Vietnamese college girls are
No shirt white grey pants
with a belt
Two other people are white
The woman's red hair is greying
Pushed up stomach
Large breasts
The man looks like New York
Mr. New York
Brown coat over grey jogging uniform
All of which are clearly aged and soiled

I ask them what I can do
They looked so foreign
until I started talking to them

I ask them what want to eat and the woman says
"I'd like a large number 3.
Because my favorite meals is
a large number 3,
that's what you could cook for me."

I ask what the man's favorite food is
say that I'll make it for him
He says a regular number 5
And explains what it is

They tell me that it only costs 2 dollars and 89 cents
everyday for them to get these meals
And it's going to cost much more to make





An orphanage is a bad dream//a 9 min. videotape//a transcription.